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Podcast: Preseason Week 2 Revelations 8-20-19

Podcast: Preseason Week 2 Revelations 8-20-19

August 20, 2019

​The 2nd weekend of preseason games is done, and we​ have plenty to talk about with the usage and performance of some key players and situations. Before we get to that, though, a big-time talent has returned to 1 of the NFL's perennial top offenses.

Here's the rundown:

The impact of Josh Gordon … 2:22

Derrick Henry returns … 8:09

Derrius Guice and the Washington offense … 8:58

D.K. Metcalf needs knee surgery … 12:22

Jaguars get Marqise Lee back … 13:14


​Preseason Week 2 Notes:

Chris Carson’s the man … 15:43

Marlon Mack is, too … 16:52

Is Kerryon Johnson? … 18:34

Sorting the Ravens backfield … 20:48

Mark Andrews missing person report … 23:28

Sam Darnold slingin’ … 27:29

Cole Beasley in charge? … 30:33

Can James Washington climb? … 32:08

Jimmy Garoppolo struggles … 33:14

Emmanuel Sanders looks good … 34:35

Denver’s backfield doesn’t … 35:20

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Podcast: Perfect Draft and Mailbag 8-15-19

Podcast: Perfect Draft and Mailbag 8-15-19

August 15, 2019

We've just completed and posted our highly anticipated annual full suite of Perfect Draft articles. We're starting this show with some takeaways from the process of preparing those. Then we'll run through some of the most important news items affecting fantasy football draft values this week. And then it's mailbag time. Questions hit on keeper decisions, auction strategy, how to spend your 1st-round pick and more.

Here's the rundown:

Perfect Draft lessons ... 0:11

Andrew Luck ... 8:13

Target Chargers D ... 10:21

Other injuries to track ... 11:20

Emmanuel Sanders ... 16:22

Derrius Guice ... 18:15

Another TE for the Patriots ... 19:24

Mailbag ... 22:04

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Podcast: Preseason Week 1 Reactions 8-13-19

Podcast: Preseason Week 1 Reactions 8-13-19

August 13, 2019

Do you hate the NFL's preseason games? Well, you're not alone. But these fake contests aren't totally worthless. We can judge performances. We can get a signal of playing-time patterns. And we can just generally get some info that will help us determine how to treat plenty of players in our fantasy football drafts. So did the 1st week of exhibitions teach us anything?

Here's the rundown:

What to look for in preseason ... 2:11

David Montgomery ... 3:40

Chris Carson ... 5:45

Curtis Samuel and D.J. Moore ... 8:22

Jamison Crowder ... 11:05

Terry McLaurin ... 12:56

Dwayne Haskins ... 15:18

Daniel Jones ... 16:35

Dontrell Hilliard ... 17:45

Preston Williams ... 19:20

Falcons backfield ... 20:34

Antonio Brown ... 21:59

Mitchell Trubisky ... 23:56

Dante Pettis and the Niners wideouts ... 27:53

Darrell Henderson ... 31:08

Parris Campbell ... 32:36

Keke Coutee ... 34:26

Dallas Goedert ... 36:17

Broncos backfield ... 38:06

Buccaneers backfield ... 39:17

Mark Andrews ... 39:45

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Podcast: Duke Trade and Mailbag 8-8-19

Podcast: Duke Trade and Mailbag 8-8-19

August 8, 2019

None of us wanted to move Lamar Miller up our rankings, and now we don't have to. The Texans acquired former Browns RB Duke Johnson on Thursday. Let's break down the deal's effect on Johnson, Miller and Nick Chubb -- and perhaps a few others. Then it's time for our 2nd mailbag. We've got questions on keepers, auction strategy and superflex formats.

Here's the rundown:

The Duke Johnson trade ... 1:06

How early is too early for Joe Mixon? ... 10:29

Where to target QBs in a superflex league ... 12:19

Le'Veon Bell or a top WR to open a keeper draft? ... 15:53

Keep Aaron Jones or Dalvin Cook? ... 17:17

What's wrong with O.J. Howard? ... 18:31

Cheap QB targets in an auction ... 21:10

Damien Williams ... 23:16

When will we see Melvin Gordon? ... 24:53

​Check our 2019 fantasy football rankings to see where the Browns-Texans trade moved everyone. And try out your altered draft strategy in our FREE Mock Draft Trainer.

Podcast: Training Camp Movers 8-6-19

Podcast: Training Camp Movers 8-6-19

August 6, 2019

This guy's dominating his position in workouts. Another guys struggling with drops. One starter has been sitting with a bum hamstring. Another injury-prone guy is finally healthy. How is it all affecting our fantasy football draft plans? Today's show hits on the key movers up and down since the start of training camp.

Here's a loaded rundown:

Eagles backfield ... 5:13

Sony Michel ... 7:41

Is Lamar Miller finally rising? ... 9:13

Kalen Ballage ... 11:44

The Bills' top backfield target ... 14:35

The #1 Panthers WR? ... 16:17

The #2 Steelers WR? ... 17:45

The #3 Cardinals WR? ... 19:00

The OTHER rookie Ravens WR ... 20:40

Young wideouts in New England not named N'Keal Harry ... 22:52

Jordan Reed ... 24:29

Damien Williams ... 25:58

Kenyan Drake ... 27:49

Sorting the Niners' backfield ... 30:01

The most disappointing Cardinals wideout? ... 32:33

The odd man out in Buffalo? ... 33:46

Kliff Kingsbury TEs and other things that don't exist ... 35:03

Kicker duel in Green Bay ... 36:36

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Podcast: Injuries and Mailbag 8-1-19

Podcast: Injuries and Mailbag 8-1-19

August 1, 2019

Training camp has hit us with some worrisome and impactful injuries already. Let's run through the situations you need to watch as you prepare for fantasy football drafts and the effects of A.J. Green's situation. Then it's time for a podcast mailbag. We'll answer some burning draft-related questions that listeners sent in via Twitter and Facebook.​

Injury updates ... 1:41

The A.J. Green Effect ... 9:15

T.Y. Hilton's PPR outlook ... 14:35

Should you draft Mike Evans and Chris Godwin to the same team? ... 16:58

WR-WR start from late Round 1 ... 20:27

What to do with #2 pick in dynasty rookie draft? ... 22:04

O-line worries and the QBs they hurt ... 23:40

What changes when a TD pass is worth 6 points? ... 26:43

Josh Allen: top 12 QB? ... 29:12

​Check our 2019 fantasy football rankings now, along with the ever-growing library of preseason articles.

Podcast: FFPC Draft Recaps 7-30-19

Podcast: FFPC Draft Recaps 7-30-19

July 30, 2019

Draft Sharks staffers have been taking part in the Pros vs. Joes competition put on by the FFPC and FantasyMojo.com since its inception. ​Jared and Matt each recently completed their drafts for this year's tournament, so now it's recap time. We're contemplating tournament strategy, discussing the differences in the FFPC format and combing pick by pick through our teams to look at exciting selections, disappointments and decision-making along the way.

Here's the rundown:

Intro to the contest ... 00:29

Strategy ... 2:34

Matching RBs to start ... 7:24

Targeting pass-catchers ... 11:52

Reaches or value in Round 8-9-10? ... 15:59

Tyrell went where?!? ... 24:19

Don't sleep on kickers and defenses ... 27:42

Read Jared's full draft recap here. Customize your own MVP Board here.

Podcast: Training Camp Questions 7-24-19

Podcast: Training Camp Questions 7-24-19

July 24, 2019

Training camps are opening up around the league, and that means we can finally start getting answers to the questions we've been pondering all offseason. Which situations need sorting? Which players most need to prove something? Today's podcast has the most important fantasy football question for every team in the league.

Here's the rundown:

AFC East

Buffalo Bills ... 2:57

Miami Dolphins ... 3:20

New England Patriots ... 3:39

New York Jets ... 4:12


NFC East

Dallas Cowboys ... 5:03

New York Giants ... 5:53

Philadelphia Eagles ... 6:35

Washington ... 7:49


AFC North

Baltimore Ravens ... 8:14

Cincinnati Bengals ... 8:56

Cleveland Browns ... 9:27

Pittsburgh Steelers ... 10:06


NFC North

​Chicago Bears ... 11:10

Detroit Lions ... 11:48

Green Bay Packers ... 12:40

Minnesota Vikings ... 13:38


AFC South

Houston Texans ... 14:35

Indianapolis Colts ... 15:23

Jacksonville Jaguars ... 16:02

Tennessee Titans ... 16:46


NFC South

Atlanta Falcons ... 17:56

Carolina Panthers ... 18:46

New Orleans Saints ... 19:29

Tampa Bay Buccaneers ... 20:13


AFC West

Denver Broncos ... 21:48

Kansas City Chiefs ... 22:26

Los Angeles Chargers ... 23:07

Oakland Raiders ... 25:03


NFC West

Arizona Cardinals ... 26:11

Los Angeles Rams ... 26:40

San Francisco 49ers ... 27:27

Seattle Seahawks ... 28:08

​​Check out our full 2019 fantasy football rankings, the customizable MVP Board and our divisional-breakdown podcast series digging into every single team.

Podcast: July ADP Check 7-18-19

Podcast: July ADP Check 7-18-19

July 18, 2019

With NFL training camps opening, we're digging through fantasy football draft data from the past couple of months to see who's going too early, who look like some top sleepers and whose ADP has changed enough to alter our decisions. We see a couple of potential WR3s who are lasting well into WR5 range. There's a certain early round that can yield you an elite talent at RB or wideout. And there are multiple late QBs and TEs that just might alter your approach to drafting their positions.

Here's the rundown:

Overvalued QBs ... 2:42

Undervalued QBs ... 8:29

ADP Movers at QB ... 11:40

​Overvalued RBs ... 13:29

Undervalued RBs ... 18:05

ADP Movers at RB ... 25:47

Overvalued WRs ... 30:27

Undervalued WRs ... 34:52

ADP Movers at WR ... 39:58

Overvalued TEs ... 44:14

Undervalued TEs ... 46:41

ADP Movers at TE ... 50:30

​You can check out full ADP as well as our 2019 fantasy football rankings now. Put those ADPs and projections to work in our FREE Mock Draft Trainer.

Fantasy Football Podcast: AFC North Projections 7-11-19

Fantasy Football Podcast: AFC North Projections 7-11-19

July 12, 2019

The Bengals finally have a new head coach for the 1st time in 17 years. The Browns kept the guy who helped pump up the offense in Hue Jackson's wake. The Ravens have a new OC to try to solve the Lamar Jackson puzzle. And the Steelers have traded away the best WR in the league. The AFC North presents a lot of change, some key injury returns and some 2018 breakouts that we need to project forward. Let's dig in to it all and reveal whom we're targeting and whom we'd rather avoid.

Here's the rundown:

Baltimore Ravens ... 2:21

Cincinnati Bengals ... 20:46

Cleveland Browns ... 36:15

Pittsburgh Steelers ... 53:36

Check out every episode of the projections series and hit DraftSharks.com for our full 2019 fantasy football rankings.